DRG is a toolbox with two tools:

  1. The grouping logic used to group patients into Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs)
  2. A method of calculating the cost of treatment of patients in each DRG group

If the system reflects current clinical practices and is updated frequently it can also be used for analytic and planning purposes at state, regional, and municipality level. In Denmark the system has successfully been used to:

  • Distribute financial resources from government to regions
  • Payment for cross-regional patients
  • Tariff management at hospital level
  • Support the implementation of policies and reforms


Casemix360 is a tool that makes it easy to interact with the grouping logic and makes it easy to make changes to the system without having to write programming code. The casemix360 consist of four major parts:

  • CasemixEditor (Application for maintaining the logic and for publishing groupers and documentation)
  • CasemixGrouper (An offline grouper to be used in production workflow)
  • CasemixViewer (Documentation of the casemix logic in order to gain a transparent system)
  • CasemixInteractive (taking the technicalities out of the grouping of the casemix logic in order to gain a transparent system)

Why consider Casemix360 for your Healthcare authorities?

The ambition with Casemix360 is to offer an end-to-end infrastructure to maintain, develop, and improve the patient classification and pricing infrastructure.

The system helps you facilitate a modern healthcare sector and introduce agility for both payers, providers, and healthcare authorities. We especially support the intentions with economic governance of the hospitals concerning cost control, cost-effectiveness, performance, and quality of treatment.

In short…

• We support the aims of making the healthcare sector perform better
• We support the ongoing development and improvement of the patient classification
• We support multiuser environment and distance cooperation