that bring value!

Technologies are in abundance in our field, but we have chosen to work with a select few. These are the products we believe in and not least consider the best in fulfilling business needs and wants. While we do love our technologies, we always put business first. Otherwise, they wont bring you value.


Business intelligence in daily operations

The business intelligence technologies we work with are in fact intelligent. If you ask us. At least they make your daily operations and use of data a lot more intelligent.

In the following we want to highlight some of the technologies we have chosen to work with and how they can make a difference in your organisation.

Frontend technologies made for the end user

Our main priorities, when choosing what frontend technologies to work with, are that they should be intuitive, easy to work with and not least have the end user in mind. We believe that there is an untapped potential for business intelligence, and the only way to access it, is to put the end user in charge. They are ones who put the data to use and therefore the main source of information on what information is needed and in what format. So why not let them take the reigns?

Below you can read a bit more about the different technologies. In our opinion, you simply cannot find better analytical and visualization tools. Many of them have a simple drag-and-drop function, the ability to combine multiple data sources by the click of a button and not least personalied data reports and dashboards.

Why not make it easy?

Read more about the frontend technologies we use:


Business Intelligence, inside and out

A front does not work without a back. It’s like putting up a fancy facade and find that there is nothing behind that. No building, so to speak, and thus no ‘rooms’ to organize your data in. But with the right backend technologies your data will be bring you more value. They will help you to store, treat and extract you data in a much more intelligent way.

You could choose to just pour all your data into a big box, but if you want to access that data later on, it would, needless to say, be a lot easier (and a lot more fun!), if you could quickly extract it as well as combine it with data from other “boxes”. The only way to do that is to build an intelligent backend. Fortunately, it is the only way we know how.

Read more about the  backend technologies we use: